Mind & Body Detoxification

The body is an amazing machine with unique abilities to expel toxins. Toxic compounds are natural consequences of today’s lifestyles and are responsible for disrupting your organs and systems functions to give you headaches, brain fog, fatigue, pain, irritability, and moodiness, inability to lose weight, skin ailments, and even significant hormonal imbalances. All major diagnostic tests could be normal and yet one might not feel well at all. Releasing these toxins makes an appreciable difference in the way you feel and in the functioning of all your organs.

What Can You Expect From Our Services?

At Tumesh for Optimal Health we are recurring witnesses to the effectiveness of the detoxification process. Fasting with only water or juice and any other detoxification can be ineffective and even dangerous if a body is not ready for it, especially one that may be sick. We always recommend detoxification be done under the direction and supervision of a health care practitioner who has extensive knowledge of nutrition, the body’s functions, and the safest detoxification processes.

At Tumesh for Optimal Health we may recommend a gut/ liver/ gallbladder detoxification, heavy metals detoxification, and a noxious thoughts detoxification. Our treatment plans also ensure
that your body is prepared to prevent the buildup of even more toxic metabolites or the shifting of toxins from one part of your body to another.

Our goal is to teach you how and when you would need to detoxify your body that you can continue doing it on your own on a regular basis to support your health and slow down the aging process.