Homeopathy is unique because it approaches the human being as a unified organism, instead of a body part or organ that needs treatment. Doesn’t this just make perfect sense?

Synergy and unity symbolize the way humans function and thrive – the emotional and physical together to keep our balance and strength. We recognize this and use homeopathy to treat your vital defenses and the underlying causes of symptoms that might be signaling that you are out of balance.The focus of homeopathy is to restore long term health -- the whole of you.

Homeopathy has its origins in Germany over 200 years ago and now is widely and successfully used in Europe and Asia. Medications are made of herbs, animal by-products, and minerals. They differ from herbal preparations because they are extracts that are diluted 10s/ 100s/ and 1000s times and which can, at extremely small doses, enhance your innate power of healing. Homeopathic formulations are so safe they are available over the counter.

What Can You Expect From Our Services?

At Tumesh for Optimal Health you will be offered homeopathic therapy as an alternative measure to treat acute viral infections, acute and chronic sinus infections and coughs, digestive
problems, joint pain, back aches, hormonal imbalances, skin issues, and many more ailments.
They help your body to heal from inside out without antibiotics or medications that may have
significant side effects.

After an evaluation of your current conditions, we may recommend homeopathic tablets, nasal sprays, eye drops, rectal suppositories, and even injections. We also exploit the use of biopunctures with homeopathic medications at acupuncture points to very successfully remediate pain and inflammation.