Weight Management

Weight Management

Being overweight can be a symptom of a chronic illness.  Aging, cardiovascular health, diabetes, hypertension, hormonal deficiencies and other changes all can contribute to weight gain and changes to nutritional demands. We believe proper nutrition can be restorative and boost energy and vitality, and we have seen it help manage, reduce and even reverse age-related issues.

Aging, cardiovascular health, diabetes, hypertension, hormonal deficiencies,

Recent studies have shown that a 5-10% reduction in initial weight is associated with significant improvement in blood pressure, cholesterol levels and glycemic control. Tumesh Optimal Health & Wellness Center, under the guidance of Tamara Kurmanalieva, M.D., manages weight related conditions through safe and personalized, drug free treatments.


We will assess your current lifestyle, eating habits, body composition, your hormonal, metabolic, and nutritional status, level of stress and many other aspects of your body’s function to establish a baseline for where you are, and how food, metabolic and hormonal imbalances may be impacting how you feel and behave. Our comprehensive one-on-one counseling is designed to create a highly personalized and unique series of recommendations for your body and lifestyle.

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