When it comes to firming and toning, the butt can be the final frontier. Many women consider their tush their biggest trouble spot when it comes to trying to lose fat.


The problem is the amount of time we spend parked on our rear ends. We once spent our days squatting and standing in the fields, literally working our butts off, but now we sit in front of computer screens, steering wheels, and TVs. And our butts have adapted by giving us bigger, softer cushions to sit on.


But don't despair if your back end is a particularly troublesome spot; creating a strong, jiggle-free butt is not impossible. By including a few glute-specific exercises in your training regimen, you can make a visible difference in a short amount of time, especially if you also step up your fat-burning aerobic activity, which helps thin out the fat layer on top of your newly firmed buttocks. And a firm, flab-free butt does more than just sit pretty in your jeans. It gives you the strength to bound up stairs, play tag with your kids, and excel in every sport you play.



1. Bun Lifter

2. Kick Butt!

3. For a Better Bottom

4. Rear-End Crunch

5. Loog Great in Your Jeans

6. How to Get Rid of Cellulite

7. Butt Toning Workout

8. Sculpt a Beautiful Backside

9. The Bottom Line

10. How Can I Keep Up with My Fast-walking Friends?


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