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  1. Understanding Adult Obesity
  2. Guide to Healthy Sleep
  3. Cholesterol and Your Child
  4. Calcium and Your Child
  5. Caffeine and Your Child
  6. Kids and Exercise
  7. Childhood Stress
  8. Helping Kids Deal With Bullies
  9. Helping Kids Cope With Stress
  10. What You Need to Know about Eating Disorders
  11. What You Need to Know about Drugs
  12. Marihuana’s Adverse Effects
  13. Talking to Your Child about Drugs
  14. Smoking and Teens
  15. Drinking and Teens
  16. Sex: Making the Right Decision
  17. Protect Yourself from STIs
  18. First Aid and Safety
  19. For Girls: Breast and Pelvic Exam
  20. For Guys: Testicular Exams
  21. Preventive Services
  22. Preventing  the Flu
  23. Air Travel Health Tips
  24. International Travel Health Tips
  25. Preventing Sports Injuries
  26. Exercise for Injured Ankle
  27. Exercise for Injured Knee
  28. Exercise for the Shoulder
  29. Basic Exercise for the Wrist
  30. Exercise for Your Aching Back
  31. Ice Therapy to ease Low Back Pain
  32. Caring  for Your Skin
  33. Preventing Skin Cancer
  34. When You’re Taking Warfarin (Coumadin) 

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