You don't have to aspire to Dancing with the Stars to get the slim, toned legs of a ballroom champion.



1. Less Jiggle When You Walk

2. Love Your Lower Body!

3. Save Your Knees!

4. Sculpt Legs Like a Dancer's

5. Two Moves that Shape & Strengthen Your Legs

6. Stronger Knees in 3 Moves

7. Hip Flexor Exercises

8. Vein Erasers

9. Leg Exercise With Exercise Ball

10. Kick-boxking Move for Leg Exercise

11. Lose Those Love Handles

12. 3 Moves to Strengthen Your Ankles

13. Shape Up & Say Goodbye to Aches & Pains

14. Wipe Out Cellulite in 6 Moves

15. Relieve Stress with Leg & Abdominal Building Moves

16. Balance Exercise


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