Andropause is the male equivalent of menopause. As a result of aging, the male body often suffers from low testosterone which has naturally been depleted. Andropause symptoms usually can be treated successfully and reversed with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.


Andropause symptoms often find men suffering needlessly from testosterone deficiency either because the condition goes unrecognized or simply because men are timid about addressing and discussing a loss in their vitality. The reluctance to address andropause symptoms usually relates to the decline in sexual function and libido. Early symptoms of andropause can be as subtle as decreased energy levels, loss of muscle tone and a less frequent desire for sexual intercourse. Further andropause symptoms can include weight gain, pot or "beer bellies," mood swings and irritability, forgetfulness, enlarged male breasts and even ED or Erectile Dysfunction.


Andropause treatment is usually logical after being diagnosed by a physician practicing hormone replacement therapy. First the physician will evaluate the body's hormone levels - which are usually obtained via blood tests preformed by an independent lab. After reviewing lab results the physician's recommendations for treatment of andropause usually will include Hormone Replacement Therapy using bioidentical hormones. BHRT can be subscribed in various forms including gels, creams, patches, injections and pellets. However, pellet therapy is the most effective and efficient method of replacing hormones. After proper medical diagnosis is found, pellet therapy requires the physician to insert hormone pellets into the male's body. This type of treatment for andropause allows the body to recieve the correct amount of hormones based on the bodies needs. So if a man is working out and needs more testosterone to function optimally, the body can recieve it. Typically, pellet therapy lasts 4-6 months and then requires additional treatments. Medical results usually are dramatic with a reversal of andropause symptoms and the male returning to the same vitality he had in his early 30's.


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