Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction is a medical condition - often referred to as impotence, where the male has the inability to gain and keep an errection during sexual intercourse. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) via testosterone pellets often eliminates or reduces erectile dysfunction by increasing the male's testosteronen levels.

Erectile dysfunction is often the result of too little or low testosterone. Testosterone production increases dramatically at puberty, but as males get older, a gradual testosterone decline occurs. Too little testosterone may cause sexual difficulties and impotence. As many as 50 million men in the United States experience some sort of hormone deficiency. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help men regain their youthfulness  and sex drive of their 30's through BHRT


Diminished Muscle Tone


Men often notice a drop in strength, a loss of muscle tone, and a prolonged period of time to recover from exercise as they age. The reason is declining testosterone levels result in muscle cells with smaller fiber size and therefore less strength. With the decrease in muscle mass, there is an increase in body fat. Testosterone replacement can improve muscle strength, stamina, vitality, and general sense of wellbeing.


Weight Gain in Men


Diminished muscle tone and weight gain go hand and hand. Aging men over 35 have an increase in percent body fat and reduction in muscle mass. These body alterations will lead to inevitable weight gain.


Poor Concentration


Poor Concentration is a feeling of mental fogginess. Our memory just isn’t what it once was or our ability to problem solve or do creative work has decreased. Men with hormone deficiencies sleep less and less soundly. Poorer quality sleep affects your REM (rapid eye movement) which is important for all sorts of cognitive functions. Over time, those never getting a total of eight hours sleep will experience numerous problems including decreased concentration, extreme tiredness, decreased memory and decreased motor skills. So you can see how different deficiencies create other symptoms. Until you start treating the deficiencies causing the problems, the cycle of hormonal symptoms will not stop.




Hormone imbalance will often cause irritability, headaches and sexual difficulties in both men and women. Testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to improve mood and can restore a feeling of calmness. Many can stabilize their mood with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.


Energy Loss


The gradual decline of important sex hormones, especially testosterone, contributes to many factors leading up to the symptom, energy loss. Too often, men who have problems related to a low testosterone level are advised to treat only the symptoms of their conditions (such as taking antidepressant and/or cholesterol lowering). Recognizing the connection between hormones and the disease of aging is the first step to restoring a man's youthful hormones and energy levels of their 30's.


Bone Loss


Bone loss is often referred to as a "silent disease" because it occurs without symptoms. Bone isn't lost all at once, it sneaks up on you over a lifetime. Studies show that by their 40's both women and men are losing bone at a rate of approximately 0.5 percent a year. We now know that a declining level of sex hormones plays a significant role in the development of bone loss and osteoporosis. Replacing your hormones through BHRT can help slow bone loss and in some cases partially reverse it.


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