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      Below are your wonderful thank you comments found in our guestbook in the reception area. If you haven't written yours yet, feel free to do so next time you're in for a visit! Let's show everyone else how great and spectacular our doctors are!





      "Dr K.


      Thank you so much. We have been blessed by finding you. Our experience as your patients have brought hope into our lives more than words can say. We are forever grateful.




      Nora & Jose Morales"



      "Молодцы! Прошла ультрафиолетовое очищение крови. Отличный результат! Быстро прошло снижение температуры от 40 до 37,1 градусов и я задышала свободно. Мне подарили жизнь, свет и солнце. Дай Бог вам всем здоровья, здоровья и здоровья, и движения вперед!


      Татьяна, г. Нижний Новгород"





      "Тамара, Идрис!


      Вы настоящие, цельные, героические личности. Ваше дело это самоутверждение на самом высоком уровне. Вы меня вдохновляете!


      С искренним восхищением,


      Гульсайра Ажибекова"



      "Dr. Kurmanalieva,


      Thank you so much! I have greatly admired your practice and have appreciated your holistic approaches toward me as your patient. Thank you for taking me onto a better path toward good health!






      "Thank you SO much for all the GREAT advice & support! My life is SO much better! I'm getting more healthy every day & can't wait to see what the future holds. I will stay in touch!


      Thank you again!!!


      C. Ashton"



      "I am very thankful to doctor Tamara Kurmanalieva for all her help!! I have neber met such a good soctor in my life! She gives you one to one attention and makes you feel like she really cares about your health. I like her approach to medicine and she is very flexible in terms of visits and times. She is always there for you! I feel very fortunate that I am feeling better and better every day!


      J. Hwang"



      "Doctor Tamara,


      Thank you very much for all of your help and care! The timing and nudge you gave me to take the time to take care of myself have been so necessary! I am grateful and appreciate everything! Looking forward every day to positive, happy living and enjoying the beauty within me and around me! Thank you again!


      - Leslie"



      "Dr. Kurmanalieva -


      I appreciate the courtesy and interests extended to me during my visit with you. I am truly blessed to make your connecations. It is my sincere hope that more peopel will continue to be inspired by holistic healing. Thank you for your humble approach to my healthy process!


      - (signed)"



      "Dear Dr. Tamara,


      Thank you very much for all your help. A beautiful girl, Aiko Violeza, has arrived on March 26. All my pregnancy and delivery were very smooth and easy.


      Juan also gets better after detox program. We are all so happy and healthy!


      Dear Dr. Tamara,


      I would like to say thanks to you because I am healthy again. And I can now take good care of my wife and our newborn baby.


      Thanks to you I feel better and with a lot of energy.


      Juan Mejia"



      "Очень сожалею о потере такого замечательного доктора, вдумчивого, знающего, преданного своим пациентам. От всей души желаю Вам успехов во всех Ваших начинаниях.

      С благодарностью,
      Ваш пациент Владимир Блок"



      Огромное спасибо за все! Пусть Бог Вас хранит и бережет! Крепкого здоровья, счастья, больших успехов во всех направлениях!




      "Dr. Kurmanalieva helped me gain control of my diet, and with her direction, my life and I strongly believe my longevity as well. Practical advice is what I have received based on real-world "daily struggle" of today's difficult times such that I have brought about positive and measurable improvements in my health without having to dramatically impact my work schedule or other obligations. This has proved to be a very important gift."

      Michael Vardoulis

      "Thank you Doctor Tamara for everything! I'm very fortunate to meet you. Everything in your office is inviting and relaxing and makes you feel at home. I'm very thankful for your knowledge and attention you give me every time I'm here. God Bless and Good bye. I'll miss you."

      Love, Inessa

      "Выражаю огромную благодарность доктору Тамаре Курманалиевой за ее внимание, заботу и профессионализм к пациентам. Лично мне она помогла справиться со многими проблемами моего здоровья. Успехов Вам в работе, здоровья, дорогая Тамара."

      С уважением, Розман Виолетта 05/20/11

      "Имя душевного человека и замечательного доктора Тамары Курманалиевой хорошо известно среди русско-язычных больных. Она умеет найти к больному особый подход. Старается сократить таблетки, разрушающие печень и почки, заменяя их витаминами. Тамара учитывает возраст, эмоциональное состояние. Когда больному плохо, она, не считаясь со временем, приходит [к больному] домой. В любое время отвечает на телефонные звонки. Когда я прихожу к Тамаре на прием, мне становится лучше. Я даже удивляюсь: и давление, и пульс в норме. Я забываю о диабете, о высоком давлении и болях. Ее ласковая улыбка успокаивает, настроение поднимается и невольно хочется жить и радоваться жизнью. Как-то я ее спросила: "Часто ли ей говорят, что она прекрасный человек?" Она в ответ только улыбнулась своей доброй, прекрасной улыбкой. Только таким должен быть настоящий доктор. Спасибо Вам за Вашу чуткость и заботу. Я хочу пожелать Вам крепкого здоровья, удачи и терпения в вашей нелегкой работе."

      Ольга Ханукаева.


      "Dr. Tamara is a very wonderful doctor. Very kind, nice, understanding. Always listening to all the problems. I will always remember her. I wish the best of luck to her. I will miss you a lot. Take care. Happy New Year!"


      Signed. 12/30/10


      "Дорогая Тамара! Большое спасибо за серьезную помощь в определении моих недугов от меня и моей семьи. Желаю доброго здоровья, которое по логике должно быть лучше чем у пациентов."


      Иосиф Горен 09/02/10


      "Words are not enough to express how much she has changed my life. She always goes above and beyond any doctor has ever done for me. Not only emotional but her caring and thorough manners. My health has gotten better and better. I can't thank her enough."


      Angela Magill


      "I find this doctor to be very thorough and caring. More doctors should be like her! I've clearly been helped since my first visit. I highly recommend!"


      Sarah D., 03/16/2010


      "I am so blessed I am under Dr. Tamara's care. When I came here I had bad health overweight. But now I lost 50 pounds with healthy way. I am taking my vitamins. I am really thankful to her for teaching me about my body, food, and exercise. I am feeling even healthier then I was 16. God bless her and her family."


      Rummana Yazdanie, 03/10/2010


      "I'm very impressed with the thoroughness, time & attention that my Dr. showed me today! I feel as though my health issues are in good hands."


      C. K., 02/08/2010


      "Everything Dr. Kurmanalieva does is done to perfection and kindness theres nothing she could do better."


      T. P., 01/21/2010 







      Замечательный диагност, доктор, лечаший натуральными средствами а не химией, как многие другие... Вы проводите много времени с каждым пациентом, выслушиваете, даете ценные советы... Под Вашим наблюдением я опять начала жить полноценно!


      Thank you for your highly personlized care, your individual approach & non-invasive tactics! I am very glad and my whole family is under your excellent care!"


      Алла Борзакова, 01/05/2010 



      "Dear Doctor Tamara,


      You have been wonderful in taking care of my medical needs. You are by far the best doctor I ever have had.


      Thank you for taking such good care of me.


      Wishing you the very best." 


      - G. G.



      "Very courteous and knowledgable doctor. She took about an hour of her time to explain the procedure to me and was available on the phone few days after, when I had questions. Very happy with service and results." 


      - Boris Dorfman  



      "Dr. Tamara is a very wonderful Dr. She gives her patient all the attention they need. She is very highly qualified person. She is very sweet and cares for her patients health. I am very pleased with her service. I would recommend her to everyone!" 


      - Zeenat ElFaroqui, 8/27/09



      "Я приехала из Белоруссии, и по состоянию здоровья обратилась к доктору Тамаре Туменбаевне. Меня поразило её вдумчивое отношение к пациенту (т. е. ко мне), врач старается заглянуть в корень, найти причину болезни и на этой основе назначает лечение, за что я очень благодарна Тамаре Туменбаевне." 


      - 21.08.09, Л. С.



      "Если вы хотите действительно помочь своему здоровью и приобрести настоящего понимающего друга и врача то вы пришли в правильный офис. Весь персонал грамотный, душевный и професиональный. Побольше бы таких врачей в этой стране." 


      - Инесса Самодеева



      "I am so grateful for the service I have received from Dr. Kurmanalieva! She truly cares about my health and wants to help me feel better and have a healthy life. This has been missing in all my previous doctors. I suffer from various long term chronic health issues and she has taken the time to find the root of the problem in order to rid of these issues permanently. I love the fact she uses eastern and western medicine approach to my health in order to utlize the healthiest form of healing for my body." 


      - Lori Reich; Irvine, CA

      June 22, 2009



      "Dr. Kurmanalieva is an exceptional doctor.  I have received the best care since April 2009 when I first started seeing her for Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.  Her thorough evaluation has relieved my symptoms and given me a better quality of life.  She also treated a skin condition which was only worsening after months of treatments by other specialists.   Within days of my treatment by Dr. Kurmanalieva I noticed gradual improvement which at that point seemed impossible.

      She does not hesitate to prescribe western and conventional treatments when necessary, though her emphasis is on wellness, healthy living and alternative therapies.  Her medical knowledge and treatment have only been exceeded by her sincere and genuine care for her patients.

      Thank you, Dr. Kurmanalieva!"


      - O. W., Irvine, CA

      July 23, 2009 


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